Change is a journey between where you are and where you want to be and every journey no matter how long begins with a single step. Take that first step NOW with Equilibrium For Life!


What is Counselling, Transformational Life Coaching and Analytical Hypnotherapy?


Psychological therapy such as Counselling, Transformational Life Coaching and Analytical Hypnotherapy (collectively referred to as ‘talking therapies’) can help to better manage a range of emotional and psychological difficulties, unwanted habits, thoughts and feelings using effective techniques. The aim of therapy is to assist you to find a meaningful alternative to your present unsatisfactory ways of thinking, feeling or behaving. Therapy can also help you to become more accepting of yourself and others and it can help you to promote your personal development and unlock your inner potential.


Why choose Equilibrium For Life?


It is important to choose a qualified therapist who has undertaken all the necessary training to understand the theory and practice of Counselling and Hypnotherapy. As well as my many other qualifications (see my "Gallery of Professional Qualifications" page), I hold the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy (Merit Pass) and a BACP accredited Diploma in Counselling. This is the guarantee of a properly qualified therapist in the UK.


Contact me today to find out more about how therapy can help you and to book your initial, no obligation, consultation session at the considerably reduced fee of just £20!




Sample Track-Progressive Relaxation (Guided)
This is a therapeutic progressive relaxation sample track I created and is typical of what you can expect during a hypnotherapy session. Best listened to with headphones on and the volume turned up to a comfortable level.
Equilibrium For Life-Progressive Relaxat
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