Sand Tray Work/Therapy


What is Sand Tray Work/Therapy?


Sand tray work/therapy is a creative approach to therapy that uses symbol, image and metaphor. It is a method of psychotherapy and personal development that can help you to become aware of the thoughts and feelings that you’re struggling with and help you to express them. It can also help you to find solutions to your problems. There are also many other valuable ways that the sand tray can be used in therapy, and it is a powerful therapeutic tool for adults as well as young people and children.


What happens in sand tray work/therapy?


The sand tray therapy process involves inviting you to choose from a variety of miniatures such as figurines and objects e.g. trees, wild/domestic animals, vehicles, people, monsters, sea creatures, buildings, superheroes and so on and then to make a picture in the sand.


The picture you create can represent your world, your issues, your feelings, your relationships or possibly your dream or whatever.


I provide you with a ‘safe and protected space’ sitting quietly nearby as you work in the sand. You may choose to talk or to work in silence. Sand tray therapy is like another kind of ‘language’, a non verbal way of communicating and expressing your inner feelings, conflicts, fears and problems. There is no right or wrong way to do sand tray work.


Many clients find this an enjoyable, creative and powerful way to work in therapy. It is always the choice of the client as to whether or not they work in the sand tray.


While sand tray work/therapy may appear to be quite simple it is a highly complex therapeutic modality and has profound potential for healing to take place at a deep level. 


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