-Children’s Mindfulness Training-





· Does your child suffer from anxiety?

· Do they find social situations overwhelming at times?

· Do they overthink or worry about things that may never happen?

· Do they have difficulty sleeping or relaxing?


I am a qualified Counsellor and Mindfulness practitioner who following extensive work with children, has created a fun and interactive programme of 6 weekly workshops specifically designed for children aged 8-12yrs suffering from worry, low self worth and/or confidence, anxiety or sleep issues.


Your child will learn:

· How to let go of things that are worrying them

· How to take control of their feelings

· How to respond to worry and anxiety when it appears

· How to relax

· How their mind works and how to take control of it


Workshops can be delivered on a classroom basis or 1:1 with the parent/carer in attendance via my private practice. (All workshops are currently being delivered online during the COVID-19 situation).